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International tax advisory and tax planning in Hungary

International tax advisory and international tax planning

International tax advisory and international tax planning are key services of our company. Taking into account all tax and accounting related areas we consider these two divisions as the most important and valuable ones since due to their complexity international tax advising and international tax planning require far the greatest expertise and the largest professional practice among them. This is the reason why our services reflect outstanding professional quality because all of them are based on the international tax professionalism we represent.

In general international tax planning is a tax optimization for the whole company taking into consideration the current typical conditions of the company’s operation, future economic goals, income structure, the characteristics of its activity, assets and workforce. The aim of international tax planning is not only to ensure the most optimal taxation of the income realized but also to facilitate the safe operation of the company and the protection of assets and resources.

International tax advisory is a more narrowly defined area than international tax planning. Typically, it provides tax expert solution for a certain economic transaction. With our international tax advisory services we provide support mainly for international companies who are dealing with product sales and service provision but we also have to mention those individuals who have incomes that have to be accounted towards tax authorities of different countries. Usually these individuals are expats, persons with international capital gains or persons who are engaged in real estate leasing, international performers and trainers, music artists. The most special areas of international tax advisory are triangular- and chain transactions, tax warehouses and customs warehouses, customer inventories, electronic services, export transactions of webshops, IT services, car leasing, freight services, construction activities and conference organizer activities.