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Lea Kneitner
certified international and forensic tax expert

Lea Kneitner - forensic tax expert


Lea Kneitner, certified and forensic tax expert

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I am Lea Kneitner certified economist, certified accountant, certified international and forensic tax expert and auditor candidate. I speak English fluently and German at native level. I have been dealing with international taxation and transfer pricing documentations for more than 10 years but besides that I am also a professional accountant and payroll specialist. Complementing my daily tasks I write professional articles for recognized professional journals regularly and on a monthly basis I give lectures about a wide range of accounting and taxation topics. I attach great importance to my attitude that up to this day every task entrusted to me is completed by me personally. Due to this committed and multi-faceted work I have gained a professional knowledge and practice that only a few experts have.

Our tax expert company

With my company – TILEA Consulting Ltd. – I represent the professional attitude that I consider extremely important. We are strongly convinced that both on individual and societal level real professional values can be created only by eternal values like solid and humble work, professional commitment, commitment towards our clients and the aspiration for the highest possible professional knowledge and quality. Our services comply with the highest professional standard. Our main goal is to ensure that in our services the expertise and quality are realized without any compromise so that is why at our company all tasks are performed by a real professional expert. Our services carry real solutions primarily to those accounting and tax challenges of the international economic environment which require the highest level of professionalism and the largest value-added work. For the domestic and international companies these services are real, supporting, practical and tailor-made solutions. I have to emphasize that we provide not the commonly used, standardized but real expert work hence we offer fast and precise solutions for those companies as well who do not find the proper answer for their accounting and taxation related questions for a long time. It makes us really proud that based on the recommendations of our clients in relation to international tax administrations we receive requests from the USA to Australia.

Probably the main proof of our outstanding expertise is that we cooperate with the most recognized professional publishers, conference and training organizers in Hungary working on professional articles and books, professional conferences, accounting and taxation software products.

Please get to know our company and our services, please visit our Facebook site and get acquainted with the expertise work that we develop conscientiously on a daily basis in order to be able to provide the international companies and individuals with the expert guidance that can give the most effective answer for both domestic and international accounting and tax challenges.

Kind Regards,
Lea Kneitner
certified international and forensic tax expert

Professional philosophy

Accounting and payroll represent the smallest proportion of our business activity but our professional logic dictates to start the introduction of our philosophy with these two topics. Whether you are an accountant, tax adviser, tax expert, auditor or transfer pricing specialist, it is a basic requirement from a great expert to possess outstanding accounting knowledge. This is absolutely unavoidable! Nowadays accounting does not get the respect what this profession would really deserve since this is a thoughtful and hard task which requires great expertise. A responsible manager knows exactly that a professional accountant is a great treasure.

Certified tax expert advisory is one of the major business services of our company. For a real tax expert it is a fundamental requirement to be an excellent accountant and payroll specialist in one person. In addition to these an excellent certified tax expert has outstanding and up-to-date knowledge of tax law and economic complemented with fluent language skills. But it is good to know that there is a big difference between a tax adviser, a tax expert and a certified tax expert as usually the difference between them is more than nuanced. A responsible manager knows exactly if a professional accountant is worth treasure then an excellent certified tax expert is invaluable.

Transfer pricing is another major service of our company. Preparation of transfer pricing documentation is a very complex process since it involves the review of the whole accounting and taxation system of the company as well as the verification and analysis of the invoices and their background documentation, and also the integration of these details into the transfer pricing documentation. (This includes: contracts, calculations, delivery notes, transfer pricing documentations of affiliated companies, documentations and guidelines of cost price calculations, cost sharing calculations, hour settlements, payroll calculations, pricing factors, market strategy, certifications, costs of licenses and trademarks, technical parameters of the equipment and products, manufacturing processes, and there is a long list of things that could be mentioned here.) This listing makes abundantly clear for everyone that only those specialists are able to create high quality TP documentation who have outstanding knowledge of economy, accounting and taxation.

We share our continuously improved professional knowledge and experience through domestic and international publications and presentations hoping that this is a great support to the work of many experts and for others who are interested in this profession. We consider this kind of professional appearance much more valuable than any other advertisement.

Ethical business conduct

We always keep our client’s best interest first and foremost in our minds and this cannot be harmed under any circumstances.

In relation to all tasks entrusted to our company we strive for the highest professional level.

We have liability insurance which is proportionate to the business risk of our activities and we take responsibility for our work.

The work we provide always covers our own performance.

We possess all professional qualifications, experiences and technical terms that are necessary to perform the tasks we undertake.