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Please contact us via our e-mail address or with the contact form below and please let us know your questions and also indicating what priority your questions are. Urgent cases are always handled with high priority.


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For your inquiry we provide you with our price offer on the same day.


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If you accept our offer we discuss the convenient date and time of the consultation.


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Please make a call with Skype at the time appointed and we discuss your questions. Our Skype username is: kneitnerlea


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Right after the consultation we prepare the tax expert resolutions that we send you via e-mail.

The advantages of online tax advisory

At our company we pay special attention to build personal relationship with our clients. This is absolutely necessary because our international professionalism and practical expertise can be reflected mainly in personal consultations. Since our clients turn to us for our support form many countries – especially in relation to complex international tax, accounting and payroll issues – therefore we had to find that kind of professional support which allows personal contact with our clients overcoming distances and boundaries.

No distance

With regard to your challenges you can rely not only on the help of experts around you but regardless of the physical distance you can take advantage of the support of the best experts from around the world.


You can quickly and efficiently obtain professional expert assistance

Personal contact

The online consultancy via video-conference provides personal contact and you can also ascertain that you receive the advice from the expert you expected.

Comfortable administration

You may request the support of the best professionals either from the comfort of your home.

Economical solution

There are no travel costs and usually you can count on favorable consultancy fees than for a personal meeting.

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Initiate a Skype call by clicking on the Skype icon below or manually from Skype. Our Skype username is: kneitnerlea

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